Career Profile

Renowned Alabamian Voice Actor representing Alabama! Adept in 2,000+ voiceovers for diverse clients with a professional setup ensuring pristine recordings. Specializing in YouTube voiceovers, eLearning, English-Dubbing, and more, I bring an urban flair and unwavering commitment to excellence. Elevate your projects with my distinct voice and collaborative expertise. Let's create success together.

YouTube Voiceovers

"Sports" Niche

HowDid: Exciting and Informative Vocal Delivery (Fútbol/Soccer)
Hooperz: Cool and Overly-Passioniate Vocal Delivery (Basketball)
Basketball Collective: Professional and Passioniate Delivery (Basketball)
Basketball Highlights HQ: Exciting and Geniune Delivery (Basketball)

"Movie Review/Recaps" Niche

Excelsior Beater: Energetic and Enthusiatic Vocal Delivery
WatchTime Recapped: Calm, Mysterious, and Informative Vocal Delivery

"Social Media/Gossip/News/Documentary" Niche

Hip Hop Hub: Hip-Hop/Rap Documentary Channel of Famous Rappers' Careers - Deep Voice, Urban-style Vocal Delivery, with Southern Accent
Rappin N' Trappin: Hip-Hop/Rap Gossip of Recent News in the Rap World - Deep Voice, Urban-style Vocal Delivery
Hoopers Only: NBA and NCAA Documentary Channel - Energetic and Exciting Vocal Delivery

"Motivation, Inspiration, and Self-Growth" Niche

Mindset League: Ranging from Calm, Encouraging, Deep Voice, "Big Brother talking to Little Brother", types of Vocal Delivery
Quotes Zone: Deep, Mysterious, Wise, Vocal Delivery
Black Empowerment Hub: Very Deep voice, Southern-African American Dialect, and Tough love-like encouragement for vocal delivery

"Finance, Money & Luxury" Niche

Income Booster: Natural, Informative, and Calm Vocal Delivery
I Am Wealthy: Passioniate and Informative Vocal Delivery
The Luxury Lane: Exciting, and Energetic VocalDelivery

E-Learning/Educational Voiceovers

Here are a list of voiceovers I have done for courses and companies related to education.

Augmented Startups

Company that specializes in creating E-learning courses that assists in teaching experienced developers and researchers about implementing AI programs (YOLO-R, YOLO-X, OpenCV, etc.), Computer Vision (Jetson, U-Net Segmentation, License Plate Recognition, Security Camera face detection, i.e.).

App Development Voiceover - "Doing a calm voiceover about how to create the buttons for an app interface, while also guilding to test the app."

Plant Detection; App Overview - "This was an educational voiceover that was more relaxed, cool, and formal. Guiding students about what we would be learning next in the course about creating an object detection module that detects what type of plant is being shown."

Mental Health Chatbot - "This was my voiceover teaching students on how to create a mental health bot that will be able to give reliable information related to mental health issues detailed by a user, as well as provide encouragement and resources related to therapy and seeking out professional help. This voiceover style was very formal, and engaging."

TV/Online Film (English Dubbing) Credits

Here are a list of TV/Online Streaming Films that I have been a part of as a Voice Actor.

Appointment with Death (2020) - SYNOPSIS: A murder shakes apart the lives of the residents of a remote mountain village. The killer is one of them.

"Hannes" (Protagonist & Lead Character Role) - "In portraying Hannes, I focused on his unwavering determination to protect his family's farm, contrasting it with mounting frustration as he tried to convince his father to sign it over. Throughout the film, I aimed to convey his deep attachment to the land and his relentless drive to keep it in the family's possession."
Blood Trail (2022) - SYNOPSIS: When a body is found floating inside a pond deep in the forest, Detective Paul Werner navigates the dangerous waters of a murder investigation to uncover the truth.

"Robert" (Lead Character Role)" - "In my portrayal of Robert, I conveyed a range of emotions, from surprise and frustration to concern and determination, as he navigated various situations and conversations throughout the scenes. He displayed a sense of authority and experience in his interactions, making his character both compelling and relatable."

"Police Captain" (Supporting Character Role) - "In my portrayal of the Policeman, I maintained an old, deep voice that resonated authority and experience. He exuded a no-nonsense demeanor, emphasizing professionalism and respect in his interactions with colleagues and newcomers to the department, like Franz."
Medusa's Mystery (2019) - SYNOPSIS: After finding a golden statuette of Medusa in the depths of the ocean, a young diver mysteriously vanishes. The police detectives discover a curse surrounding the artifact and quickly find themselves in great danger.

"Boyfriend of Oceane"(Supporting Character Role) - "As the boyfriend of Oceane, I portrayed a young man with an Italian accent, conveying curiosity and trepidation while discussing the eerie "Devil's Cauldron" and his role in the unfolding events. His emotional journey, from revealing the cursed waters to his involvement in the unfolding drama, added depth to the character and heightened the intrigue of the storyline."

"Christopher Gagneur"(Supporting Character Role) - " In the pivotal role of Christopher Gagneur, I portrayed a character with intense emotional turmoil and desperation. His lines reveal a shocking twist in the movie, as he pleads for the safety of his loved ones and confesses to a series of dark secrets, culminating in a heart-wrenching climax that leaves a lasting impact on the audience."